No leather, fur, suede, skins, bone, teeth, claws, ivory or even feathers are available at Les Pommettes.
It dawned on me one day, being a vegetarian myself for over 30 years, while trying to find vegetarian food for my pooch -

why was I supporting this animal-product industry in an even bigger way than just for my one dog? 

Why was I selling these animal pieces in my shop?

It was then and there, now 15 years ago, that I decided there was no reason why my shop couldn't continue as usual, just without these items. 

And it was that easy!

Although leather handbags and fur jackets are viewed as luxury items and valued for far more than their faux versions, what is the real cost? 

Not only do we harm our little furry friends, but through purchasing these products we continue to support the long-standing

practice of animal cruelty.

Les Pommettes has made the commitment to not be a part of that. 

In the upcoming seasons, we will continue to find the very best for our clients ~ so style doesn't have to be sacrificed just because animals were not.

We hope you will join us!