As far as lifestyle dreams go, the life of Bali-based, Australian born designer Innika Choo is pretty great.

Innika Choo was born in Brisbane and confesses she always had a love for design.  "I've been sketching dresses since I was a kid.  My mum's major hobby was being a seamstress and she used to make all sorts of dresses for me when I was younger.  Often, I'd have some crazy idea, and she'd have the patience to make it for me.  When I got a bit older and started shopping on Ebay, I would chop up various bits of clothes, and there was no question for me that I wanted to work in this industry."

Married with two adorable little girls, this designer & stylist has lived all over the globe.  Now presiding in Bali she creates a collection of beautiful smocks and dresses.

"It does sound fairly nomadic, doesn't it?" she agrees when asked where she and her family might move to next.  "We're always dreaming up the next location, from LA to Byron Bay, but for now we're pretty happy in the Bali-bubble."  For Innika Choo, in fact, this 'Bali-bubble' is what inspires her the most.

"It's such an open thinking, free spirited place - there's no judgement in Bali.  I can take the girls to school in a ballgown if I fact, I did the other day!" she laughs.