Les Pommettes
Les Pommettes
Tai Silver Oxidated CZ Snake Stud earrings$65.00
Tai Moon and Star Earrings$45.00
Lionette Lilu Black & White Earrings$98.00
Serefina Vintage Chain and Findings Earrings$45.00
Nicole Meng Starburst Earrings$120.00
Tai Blue Zircon Colored Glass with Gold CZ Round Stud Earrings$60.00
Serefina Gold Vintage Earrings$45.00
Nicole Meng Architecture Earrings in Pink$85.00
Tai Large Aqua Colored Glass with Gold Trim Stud Earrings$60.00
Tai Sparrow Earrings in Gold$55.00
Lionette TLV Earrings in Pink$248.00
Rada Crystal Flower Drop Earringswas: $255.00 now: $125.00
Mawi Ornate Leaf Earrings With Spikewas: $425.00 now: $200.00

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