Les Pommettes
Les Pommettes
Clu Cream Hoodie with Silk Peplum$350.00
Tambourine Essex Tank in Cream$100.00
Ace & Jig Duster in Zodiac$340.00
Ace & Jig Gaucho Pant in Zodiac$210.00
Clu Cream Slouch Pocket Sweatpant$270.00
Clu White Sweatpant with Side Trim$270.00
Clu Silk Contrast Tank Dress in Black$290.00
Les Pommettes Clover Stacking Ring$135.00
Les Pommettes Butterfly Stacking Ring$135.00
Les Pommettes Hanging Druzy Earrings$215.00
Ramy Brook Willow Chain Sweater in Grey$325.00
Les Pommettes Large Hanging Turquoise Earrings$155.00
Les Pommettes Jet Black Crystal Swirl Ring$185.00
Stark X Slitted Pants in Black$145.00
Les Pommettes Feather Crystal Hinge Ring$145.00
Les Pommettes Labradorite Link Necklace$325.00
Les Pommettes Square Crystal Drop Earrings$175.00
Les Pommettes Oval Moonstone Ring$195.00
Les Pommettes Square Moonstone Ring$195.00
Les Pommettes Spike Tail Snake Ring$145.00
Les Pommettes Wrap Around Snake Ring$155.00
Les Pommettes Gem Snake Ring$175.00
Les Pommettes Circle Estate Earrings$215.00
Les Pommettes Druzy Cuff in Moonstone$165.00
Les Pommettes Infinity Scarf in Olive Green$65.00
Les Pommettes Conch Shell Ring$135.00
Les Pommettes Rutilated Quartz Ring$175.00
Les Pommettes Fluorite Necklace$295.00
Les Pommettes Brass Turquoise Bangle$215.00
Les Pommettes Sapphire & Purple Agate Stone Ring$175.00
Les Pommettes Crystal Rope Ring$145.00
Ace & Jig Shop Blouse in Natural$180.00
Les Pommettes Crystal Fringe Earrings$245.00
Shashi Rainbow Drawstring Bracelet$28.00
Les Pommettes Infinity Scarf in Kelly Green$65.00
Les Pommettes Chalcedony & Druzy Ring$175.00
Shashi Spinial Wrap Bracelet$64.00
Les Pommettes Aqua Quartz Cuff$245.00
Les Pommettes Round Moonstone Ring$195.00
Les Pommettes Infinity Scarf in Cream$65.00
Les Pommettes Labradorite Geometric Earrings$175.00
Les Pommettes Dolphin Stacking Ring$135.00
Ace & Jig Shop Blouse in Star$180.00
Les Pommettes Horseshoe Stacking Ring$135.00
Shashi Black Onyx Bracelet$64.00
Shashi Red, White & Blue Bracelet$23.00
Shashi Pyrite Bracelet$64.00
Les Pommettes Multicolored Druzy Stacking Ring$65.00
Les Pommettes Rutilated Quartz Necklace$295.00
Les Pommettes Jeweled Hand Chain in Green$235.00
Les Pommettes Arrow Ring$85.00
Les Pommettes Dragonfly Stacking Ring$135.00
Les Pommettes Smokey Quartz Necklace$215.00
Les Pommettes Jeweled Hand Chain in Blue$235.00

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