Les Pommettes
Les Pommettes
Les Pommettes Fluorite Necklace$295.00
Shashi Angela Gunmetal Spike Necklacewas: $130.00 now: $75.00
Les Pommettes Gold Tassel Necklacewas: $215.00 now: $169.00
Les Pommettes Chain Collar Necklacewas: $215.00 now: $85.00
Shashi Beaded Pink Necklace$45.00
Rada Lemon Crystal Collar Necklacewas: $325.00 now: $155.00
Les Pommettes Medallion Necklacewas: $195.00 now: $115.00
A. V. Max Chain Link Layering Necklace$65.00
Les Pommettes Red, White & Blue Necklace$145.00
Rada Multi Colored Fringe Jeweled Necklacewas: $615.00 now: $315.00
Les Pommettes Elephant Necklace$75.00
A. V. Max Fishbone Necklace$65.00
Lionette Mio Necklace$488.00
Les Pommettes Panel Jeweled Necklacewas: $185.00 now: $50.00
Mawi Ornate Leaf Necklace With Crystal Tierwas: $950.00 now: $475.00
Les Pommettes Tortoise Necklace$75.00
Lionette Koti Necklace in Yellow$188.00
Shashi Beaded Teal Necklace$45.00
Ambre Babzoe Blush Tassel Necklacewas: $85.00 now: $34.00
Samantha Wills Autumn Adventure Collarwas: $175.00 now: $99.00
Lionette Amina Necklace$298.00
Serefina Multi Chain Necklace$110.00
Megan Park Lia Tiered Necklacewas: $335.00 now: $195.00
Mawi Pearl Necklace With Ornate Leafwas: $770.00 now: $425.00
Vanessa Mooney Feather Necklacewas: $85.00 now: $40.00

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