Les Pommettes
Les Pommettes
Les Pommettes
Tai Rhinestone and Pave Bracelet$100.00
Tai Peach Rhinestone Bracelet$90.00
Tai Amethyst Hexagon and Pave Bracelet$125.00
Serefina Bells and Tassels Bracelet in Silver$30.00
Tai Pale Green Rhinestone Bracelet$90.00
Tai Blue Rhinestone Bracelet$90.00
Tai Hexagon Crystal Open Bracelet$90.00
Melanie Auld Pave Bangle in Rose Gold$85.00
Tai Pave Heart Bracelet$75.00
Tai Snake Hinge Bracelet$150.00
Tai Amethyst Rhinestone and Pave Bracelet$100.00
Melinda Maria Tatum Bracelet$148.00
Tai Spike Rhinestone Bangle$80.00
Les Pommettes Pearl Bangle$45.00
Tai Amazonite Beaded Bracelet with Gold/Silver and CZ$130.00
Julie Vos Versailles Scalloped Bangle$48.00
Tai Agate & Pave Bead Bracelet$80.00
Les Pommettes Bar Cuffwas: $55.00 now: $40.00
Tai Mustard Striped Bracelet$55.00
Tai Navy Vintage Bead Bracelet with CZ Beadswas: $370.00 now: $235.00
Tai Mixed Agate Bracelet$65.00
Tai Peach Agate Double Strand Bracelet$90.00
Laurel Hill Sunburst Cuffwas: $68.00 now: $50.00
Laurel Hill Temple Cuffwas: $74.00 now: $50.00
Laurel Hill Crescent Totem Cuffwas: $70.00 now: $50.00
A. V. Max Dome Bangle in Gold$20.00
A. V. Max Tall Bangle in Gold$40.00
A. V. Max Tapered Cuff in Gold$25.00
Tai Love Braceletwas: $75.00 now: $45.00
A. V. Max Tapered Cuff in Silver$25.00
Tai Big Infinity Bracelet in Black/Goldwas: $100.00 now: $75.00
Shashi Red, White & Blue Braceletwas: $45.00 now: $23.00
Shashi Spinial Wrap Braceletwas: $64.00 now: $50.00
Shashi Spike Bracelet in Gunmetalwas: $85.00 now: $25.00
A. V. Max Square Bangle in Matte Gold$30.00
Freida & Nellie Topaz Braceletwas: $275.00 now: $45.00
A. V. Max Tall Dome Bangle in Matte Gold$35.00
Les Pommettes Wave Cuff$40.00
31 Bits Ivory Bracelet$14.00
Species By The Thousands Bone Cuffwas: $70.00 now: $35.00
Les Pommettes Plate Cuff$40.00
Les Pommettes Rhinestone Detail Cuff$45.00
Les Pommettes Leaf Cuff$40.00
Wanderlust + Co Art Deco Starburst Gem Braceletwas: $45.00 now: $25.00
Tai Braided Cord Bracelet with Starflower Pave Emblem in Clear$110.00
Melinda Maria Geometric Shaped Banglewas: $195.00 now: $125.00
Tai Evil Eve Bracelet in Brownwas: $60.00 now: $40.00
Les Pommettes Tiny Horn Bracelet$40.00
Tai Pink Agate Crystal Bracelet$65.00
Les Pommettes Circle Cuff$40.00
Tai Aqua Crystal Hamsa Bracelet$85.00
Les Pommettes Feather Cuffwas: $40.00 now: $30.00
Les Pommettes Green Amethyst Banglewas: $75.00 now: $45.00
Tai Black and Straw Woven Bracelet with CZ Bar$115.00
Les Pommettes Brass Turquoise Banglewas: $215.00 now: $95.00
Decolette Smokey Quartz Bracelet$50.00
Tai Large Gem Bracelet in Brown/Green$100.00
Tai Multi Layer Green Braceletwas: $155.00 now: $75.00
Les Pommettes Evil Eye Braceletwas: $15.00 now: $10.00
Les Pommettes Gold and Olive Banglewas: $45.00 now: $10.00
Les Pommettes Wrap Turquoise Bracelet/Necklacewas: $45.00 now: $10.00

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