Les Pommettes
Les Pommettes
Lady Grey Interlock Ring$150.00
Lady Grey Studded Lattice Ring$160.00
Tai Crystal Heart Ring$35.00
Nicole Meng Parallel Lines Ring$100.00
Lulu Aquamarine Ring$185.00
Nicole Meng Horseshoe Ring$90.00
Tai Open Pave CZ Circle Ring$35.00
Lady Grey 4 Finger Lattice Ring in Gold$310.00
Nicole Meng Spire Ring$70.00
Lulu Milky Aquamarine Ring$185.00
Barse Amazonite Ringwas: $85.00 now: $55.00
Nicole Meng Architecture Ring$50.00
Jen's Pirate Booty Dakota Ringwas: $25.00 now: $15.00

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